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Manipulators are everywhere

Balancing elements in industry
Hova - Manipulators - Posimat-PB-160-Blech
Hova - Manipulators - Posimat-PM-500-blau
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Hova - Manipulators - POSIMAT-PB250
Hova - Manipulators - POSIMAT-PB250
Manipulators are used for balancing weights in almost every branch of industry, from the automotive industry to mechanical engineering and even in the chemical and the textile industries. Handling solutions are in great demand in practically every production sector.
  • Mounting of components on assembly lines
  • Loading of machine tools, presses or machining centres
  • Precise handling and order-picking
  • Load-free transfer of heavy or bulky parts
  • Weight-balancing by means of automatic scales
  • Customised load capacities
  • Customised lifting by means of suction pads possible
  • Mechanical or pneumatic grippers
  • Magnetic or special holders
  • Customisable in combination with column slewing crane or rail system
  • Sheet metal manipulator for metal sheets and plates
  • Dedicated special handling technology for machining metal sheets on press brakes
  • Pneumatic balancer with special suction gripper
  • Handling of metal sheets and plates
  • Gimballed suction suspension for guiding grippers during workpiece bending processes
  • Easy management of entire process by means of the operating panel mounted on the handling control unit
  • Bending processes involving heavy and large-sized sheets of metal can be controlled by a single operator