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lifting / vertical + horizontal transport / tilting 180°
Manually guided handling device for transport of materials of wood,
glass, metal, plastics or stone.
Tilting unit for a tilting area of 0° to 180°
  • Horizontal and vertical transport of plates of all materials
  • Tilting unit individually in electrical or pneumatic version
  • individual loads
  • Lifting speed 0-10 m/min variable with frequency
  • Operating voltage 1x230V/50Hz
  • Operating pressure min. 6-7 bar filtered air pressure
  • Suction cup assembly according to requirements with longitudinal and transverse beam
  • Special handling circuit for 1-hand operation with all the commands for the hoist and vacuum lifter
  • Recording and means of magnetic, mechanical or pneumatic gripper possible
  • Low dead weight due to compact design
  • Possible with load management for holding plates outside of the center.

HOVA Manual Control Unit

The special HOVA manual control unit excels due to its convenient ergonomic operation and ensures continuous lifting and lowering by means of a variable frequency drive. All commands for both the lifting mechanism and the vacuum lifter are issued by a special manual control unit, allowing the system to be operated and loads to be conveyed by a single person. Its intelligent control technology makes operating errors virtually impossible. This feature is not only convenient but also guarantees maximum workplace safety!

HOVA Manual Control Unit
workplace safety!