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One-stop handling system supplier

All-in-one turnkey systems

HOVA has been planning and implementing complete systems in the field of lifting technology for more then 15 years. This means that we do not simply supply individual lifting equipment units but just the right integrated solution you require for your needs. We are a full-range supplier offering all-in-one turnkey systems.



HOVA complete systems consist of the following components:

  1. rail system or slewing crane
  2. chain hoist with variable frequency drive
  3. special HOVA manual control unit
  4. respective HOVAMAT lifter
Crane Systems

Slewing Crane

HOVA slewing cranes – lightweight construction – allows for easy and ergonomic handling. The unique swivel mechanism with sliding and adjustable bearings enables precise positioning with minimum force.

Crane Systems

Rail Systems

The innovative, modular HOVA aluminium or steel rail system comes in various designs.

chain hoist

Comfort Control

With comfort control for infinitely variable lifting and lowering. Frequency for gentle placement and precise positioning of the transport material.

  • Lifting speed 0-10 m/min variable with frequency
  • individual load
  • Operating voltage 1x230V/50Hz
  • Low energy consumption max. 0,75 kW


special HOVA manual control unit

This ergonomic comfort control allows continuous lifting and lowering enabled by a frequency converter. Lifting gear as well as vacuum lifter commands can be given with one control unit, our special handling circuit. This fact allows controlling the equipment and transporting the load with 1-person operation. Thanks to intelligent control, operating errors can be eliminated.

Vacuum Lifters

HOVAMAT Vacuum Lifters

The HOVAMAT vacuum lifters are characterized by simple and ergonomic operation. Effortless and gentle lifting with 1-person operation. Versions for lifting of materials for wood, glass, metal, plastic and stone.